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Hey there! I graduated from the Creative Center in Omaha with my Bachelors in Fine Arts and Graphic Design. While in school I taught myself HTML & CSS. Throughout that process I fell in love with the code side of things.

I currently live in SLC, Utah working as a Ruby Developer. As a developer, I am always striving to learn new things and challenge myself, which is why I am currently taking a break to learn Mandarin. Don't worry I will be back soon! If you want to reach out, I'd like to hear from you!

Find Your Motivation


Everybody has aspirations and dreams. If you're reading this, I'd bet at some point in your life you have went to bed thinking "Tomorrow will be different; things will be different." Tomorrow you'll start that project, that diet, that exercise routine, that painting, etc... Then tomorrow come and goes and you're still left thinking the same thing, "tomorrow."

There is no easy start button, besides Staples' "that was easy" button. There may not always be a clear way to get something started.

Just Do

Get in the habit of just doing. Consider it almost like "Yes Man." Say yes to everything. Help a friend, go out for coffee, play poker, etc... Whatever falls into your lap, say yes then go do it. This helps support the habit of just doing.

Before you know it, you will start that thing you have been meaning to without hesitation.

Your mind can throw up road blocks though. When that happens, know that you can just plow right through them. Getting discouraged about one thing or another is bound to happen. What matters is what you do once you reach that point. So figure out how bad you want to achieve whatever goal you set.

Choose Your Path

What wakes you up? What drives you? If a few things came to your mind, don't lose sight of them. Surround yourself with those things. Hang pictures, watch snippets of movies, listen to music, read quotes, be around innovative people, etc...

The point is that inspiration is everywhere. It's up to you to actively look for it, take notice of it, and incorporate those things throughout your day. You should notice again that this will help support the habit of just doing.

There are Others Like You

There is a great chance that other people out there are doing the exact same thing you're trying to do. Reach out, get involved, be with them. Getting other people involved can only help your success.

People in general enjoy the feeling of belonging. Find a person that can help make you accountable. Someone who will check in to see how things are progressing. This will really help when the goal is actually accomplished and you can show it off to them. The happier you are the more inspired you can become.

Failure Is Out There

Don't be scared of failure. It will happen. Accept it and embrace it. I will use the cliche of "turn failure into a positive". Use it as fuel for your motivation. Once you fail, you should know what not to do, and you can learn from the mistake.

There is a story about an IBM manager that spent 10 years developing some software. A few days before the release of the software he found a major flaw, which basically would make IBM start from scratch, causing the release not to happen.

After that the CEO called in the manager into his office. The manager saw this coming and understood. Before the manager went into the office he wrote his letter of resignation, printed and signed it. Once he got into the CEO's office, the CEO said "It's a pretty big disappointment finding that flaw." Manager replies "I know sir. I should have realized it from the beginning. Here is my letter of resignation." The CEO is shocked, he says "You think I called you in to fire you? You just spent 10 years figuring out exactly what not to do, there is no way I'm letting you go."

Turn your failures into success stories. Maintain a positive attitude and get a different perspective.

The Bottom Line

It's about progress, not perfection. Set clear goals and with other's support, take that one step forward.